Hairdressers & Hair Salon in Westminster

Westminster is, in many ways, the beating heart of London. More than 75 million passengers use Victoria Station every year making it one of the busiest transport hubs in the nation. People of power and influence rub elbows on the pavement with people of ambition and drive and discerning residents have their hair done at the only hairdressers & hair salon in Westminster that matters: Rock’n’Dolls.

We create hairstyles of distinction that are ideal expressions of the individual. Our Artistic Director has more than 15 years’ experience, much of it in the high-pressure world of the fashion industry, where he distinguished himself with his innovative approach and seemingly boundless imagination.

Rock’n’Dolls Hairdressers & Hair Salon in Westminster

At Rock’n’Dolls we bring a fresh energy to hairdressing, an energy that’s embodied in our founder’s commitment to innovative layering and “carving” techniques. We take an artisanal approach to hair design that values line, texture, volume, and colour every bit as much as practicality, functionality and appropriateness.

We apply technical proficiency and unbridled imagination to everything we do, producing a truly bespoke hairdressing and hair salon experience for one and all. Our clients are individuals of discerning taste who appreciate our commitment to possibilities and who, like us, take great joy in discovering the true potential in a previously poorly-served mane. 

Respecting the World We all Share

With the environment at a tipping point, we all need to do our part to turn things around. At Rock’n’Dolls we express our commitment to the world we all share by using only products with a carbon-neutral base. But not just any product with the right ingredient list will do. It must be as effective as it is eco-friendly, and it must be 100% safe for our clients in both the short and long-term.

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When you choose Rock’n’Dolls hairdressers and salon in Westminster you’re making a statement about yourself, your attitude toward life and, of course, your exceptional taste. Make an appointment today using the “book now” feature on our website, or email info@rockndollslondon.com, or give us a call on 07394 219 290.