Hairdressers & Hair Salon in Victoria

hairdressers and hair salon in victoria

At Rock’n’Dolls we take hairdressing to new levels of sophistication, imagination, and environmental responsibility. We take a unique approach to hair that envisions it as a natural extension of the personality and an enabler of one’s lifestyle, hopes and dreams. 

Our innovative “carving” and layering techniques, the vast and unparalleled expertise of our founder Salman, and our commitment to hair as a key accessory have enabled us to become the place for those looking for leading-edge hairdressers & Hair Salon in Victoria.

The Rock’n’Dolls Way

To those of us at Rock’n’Dolls hair is more than something to be tamed and kept politely out of the way. Instead, it is an opportunity to explore texture, colour and form, to cultivate expression and to enrich daily life. We take an artisanal approach to hairdressing that is not unlike that of the sculptor who, through patience and proficiency, brings previously hidden forms to light.

We come to the salon experience after cutting our teeth in the intense and demanding world of the fashion industry. We have a deep-seated appreciation for hair and its expressive possibilities and we are committed to acting ethically both in our interactions with our clients and in how we treat the environment we all share.

Eco-Friendly, Hair-Friendly Products

Most hairdressers are quite content to use products anyone could find on the shelf at Boots. With all due respect, we think both our clients and Mother Earth deserve better. All of the products we employ at Rock’n’Dolls Victoria are carefully crafted to provide the highest quality results, while at the same time being vegan and using a carbon neutral base. It’s all part of our commitment to ethical practices at every level.

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If you’re tired of having hairdressers treat your hair like a problem child that must be tamed, book an appointment with Rock’n’Dolls. We’re the go-to hairdressers & hair salon in Victoria for discerning individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Write to us at info@rockndollslondon.com, use the “book now” feature on our website, or give us a call during regular business hours on 07394 219 290.