Hairdressers & Hair Salon in Vauxhall

Those in search of a superior hair salon in Vauxhall will find their way to Rock’n’Dolls. We serve a discerning clientele who want more from their hairdressers & hair salon in Vauxhall than a standard shampoo and cut. We believe in the power of the hair style to lift the spirit, express an attitude and enable lifestyles. 

Hairstylists are not uncommon in London. What is uncommon is to find a salon where the leading edge, tradition and innovation merge seamlessly. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at Rock’n’Dolls. We’re leaders of the pack, masters of the craft and dedicated innovators who see the untapped potential in every head of hair. 

Hairdressers & Hair Salon in Vauxhall Who Matter

The team at Rock’n’Dolls are pioneers of technique who fuse imagination with an environmental conscience. Our founder, Salman, cut his hairdressing teeth in the high-energy, demanding environment of the fashion industry, where he quickly established a reputation for imagination and proficiency. 

Along the way, he pioneered new layering and carving techniques that enable him to produce hairstyles of great distinction that nonetheless retain a timeless appeal. He offers his talents to a discerning clientele who make the pilgrimage to the Rock’n’Dolls shop to experience and benefit from his unique gifts.

The Leading Edge is Eco-Friendly

None of us, not even the humble hairdresser, can ignore the urgent need to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to our activities. At Rock’n’Dolls we do our part by using hair care products that are vegan and have a carbon-neutral base. At the same time, we’re finicky about which products we use because they must pass muster with us regarding effectiveness and safety. If Salman is not completely satisfied on both counts, the product does not make it into Rock’n’Dolls.

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Rock’n’Dolls is for those who gaze into the mirror and believe there must be a better way. In no uncertain terms, we’re the pot of gold at the end of the hairstyle rainbow in Vauxhall. To make an appointment to see what all the fuss is about use the “book now” feature on our website. Or, if you prefer, ring us up on 07394 219 290 during normal business hours.