Barbers in Victoria

Both barbers and men’s hairdressers cut hair, but they tend to go about it in slightly different ways. Barbers typically provide what most would recognise as a traditional male haircut using clippers and perhaps a razor. While male hairdressers typically use scissors and offer a wider variety of hair treatments. 

Rock’n’Dolls barbers in Victoria are expert at providing fast, efficient services that leave our clients looking and feeling their best. Whether you book an appointment with our Creative Stylist or Artistic Director the haircut you receive will meet or exceed your expectations.

Leading Edge Barbers in Victoria

In recent years men’s hair trends and grooming practices have blurred the line between barber and stylist to some extent. This is not a trend being driven exclusively from the client side, however. Indeed, contemporary barbers of talent and imagination such as those at Rock’n’Dolls have led the way in expanding the possibilities of the barber’s craft. 

When you choose to have your hair cut at Rock’n’Dolls in Victoria you’re recognising that tradition and progress, past and future can not only co-exist, but inform and enrich one another. You’re choosing to embrace possibilities and excellence, while demonstrating your outstanding taste. Expecting so much from a barber might seem unrealistic. But if you’re expecting anything less, you’re selling yourself short.

The Rock’n’Dolls Difference

From the moment you walk into Rock’n’Dolls, you will be struck by the sophisticated, laid back vibe, the friendliness of the staff and the welcoming atmosphere. Once you settle into your chair you can expect a quick consultation with your barber of choice, an explanation of the service about to be rendered, and then a stimulating, spot-on cut, beard trim (optional) and finish that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, enriched and ready to face the world.

Book an Appointment

If you’ve been searching Victoria for a barber that will work with you instead of imposing their tastes upon you, it’s time you booked an appointment with Rock’n’Dolls. We elevate the humble haircut to an art form that enriches the spirit and enhances the profile. Use the “book now” feature on our website or, if you prefer, give us a ring on 07394 219 290 during normal business hours.