Curl Shaping

When it comes to curly hair, using Curl Shaping Technique we create frizz free curls that come together with symmetry and balance.

By working on the elasticity of the curl, the shape of the curl, with texture of the hair and following the pattern of the curl we can create a bespoke, precise shape that last longer than any other cut. It will require minimal amount of time and effort to style. You have the option to change the look due to the versatility of the cut to compliment what you may be wearing or the look you are going for when you are attending an event. Your hair will feel soft and look rich with no or very little afford.

The “Happy Curls” method is probably the most popular and the most effective way of caring for curly hair we will be demonstrated for cleanse, condition, treat, and prevent dryness, breakage and excessive shedding and the dreaded… FRIZZ!! along with how to dry your curls. And tips on product usage and knowledge for before and after going on your holiday or that adventure.

For ladies £129
For gentlemen £59

Get the right cut for your curl type!

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